Follow your passion

  • Do something you really enjoy.
  • Do something that really makes you feel great. All the time. Every day.
  • Figure out what you are passionate about and follow your passion.

Two examples from my personal life:

  1. Daniel is passionate about chess. That’s why he is doing well. His drive is intrinsic and second to none.
  2. Noa (my wife) is passionate about teaching Art with historical context, and decided to follow this passion of hers with Art History In Practice. Amazing things followed, like the homage to Nina Katchadourian.

Your mileage will NOT vary. I promise.


Cherish the experiences

What’s really important in life?

The experiences.

It’s what you’ve experienced that makes you happy, not things you have (possessions). This has been proven, but we tend to forget and focus on “having more things.”

Whenever I go to a chess tournament with Daniel, I focus on enjoying the experience. Yes, I am also supportive of his pursuit of achievement and desire to win; but I it’s as rewarding, if not more, to enjoy the experiences — meeting new chess parents, the dinner at the hotel restaurant (where the tournament is played), the pool time, or analyzing games together.

My good friend Jay reminded me how important experiences are really. Thank you Jay!