Sergey Brin & Peter Thiel

Today, I received a rather interesting email. It was a from Sergey Brin and Peter Thiel, addressed in person to me. clearly, I was surprised.

In the letter they expressed their childhood passion for the game of chess, the impact it had on their adult lives, and go to describe a special education program they are working on that focuses on chess.

From the details in the email, the program sounds like a “chess version” of Thiel’s Quit College program. Here, 20 young chess prodigies (out of 100 initial candidates) will be selected to attend a new school (located at the Google Campus in Mountain View), where educators will follow a special program designed by Brin and Thiel, focusing on chess as well as math, science and business.

To be selected to this program, Daniel will have to play 2 games (one as white and one as black) with Sergey and with Peter. It’s not clear what the selection criteria is, but at the end of May 2012, 20 lucky kids will be selected.

I am still not sure what to do. I would love to hear what you think…

(see full email copy here)


8 thoughts on “Sergey Brin & Peter Thiel

  1. Wow, that’s impressive!   What to do, you’re asking?  That’s easy!  Daniel play and see what happens afterwards!   Should make a couple of good photos, at the least!  🙂
    As for their unconventional approaches –  you can always resist that when the time comes, but certainly interesting people to get in touch with. 
    Peter was a chess master, but I guess Sergey can play pretty well too.  With that sort of a name and background, he would have to… 

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