iPad and Chess

I really like my iPad. I use it all the time.

I just realized that I use my iPad for many chess related activities:

  1. In tournaments, I copy my son’s notation sheets into Shredder Chess — and use it for post-game analysis.
  2. I use the InstantChess, ICC, or LiveChess apps to play online with random people. It’s a lot of fun.
  3. I watch many Youtube videos related to Chess.

And — I use the “WordPress” App to post to my blog.

How do you use your iPad to improve your chess?


1 thought on “iPad and Chess

  1. Well, the rule is, “A good man may fall seven times and rise.” Don’t read it as “may” but read it as “must”.

    However, that’s a well-known rule, so is the video great because it brings it down to masses, or because it adds something new?

    Thank you,

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